Nava003One of Bellini’s favorite bedding companies, is designer to the stars Nava Writz of Nava’s Designs.  You can see Nava’s collection at…here’s what this industry insider had to say.

1. How did you get started in the baby business?

I started out as a sales associate at “Bellini“.  Within weeks of employment, I was promoted to store manager and then to in-house baby bedding and store display designer.  they said about me “Nava brought a flare to nursery bedding that no one had seen before, truly pioneering the concept of high-end custom “couture baby bedding.”  In 1986, with $20,000 in savings, Nava courageously set out on her own to start NAVA’S DESIGNS!  Upon Nava’s very first day in business, she landed her first account; a retailer called The Juvenile Shop in Sherman Oaks, CA. They remain her loyal “customer to this day!

2. What is your all time favorite bedding set you ever designed?

Love is in the Air  it’s a bedding set for my imaginary baby girl smiling.

3. What is your favorite celebrity room you ever worked on?

Slash.  I just love the irony.  A “rock star” with such a classic nursery. scrapbook_3

4. Who inspires you?

I would have to say that traveling the world is what inspires me the most.  I get a lot of ideas from my trips to the city.   Just walking through the local markets, arts & craft shows, antique markets, and fabric stores.  I am not a “one-type” inspiration type of a person.

5. What decorating advice do you have for expecting parents about their nursery?

It’s not just “another room”.  Your baby’s room is one that represents the biggest change in your life.  I’d recommend going for it all, colors & theme included.  Create a place in which you can reflect later via pictures and video clips and be proud to say, “this was your baby room”

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