Why a Bellini crib?

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Bellini has been designing and manufacturing our exclusive collection of cribs for close to three decades. We prioritize your child’s safety and never compromise on quality. To ensure this, all of our cribs are certified by the Juvenile Product Manufacturer’s Association (JPMA).  In order to bear this certificate we must meet and exceed every guideline and government regulation that is currently enforced. We use premium quality woods, with fine craftsmanship to create timeless styles with intricate details. Our cribs are beautiful, practical, and are designed to grow with your child. We wanted to highlight a few things about our cribs so you can see why they stand out from all the rest.  We have 9 different styles to choose from which are available in 6 different finishes, depending on the style.  6 of our 9 cribs convert into a full size bed, using the front board as a foot board and the back board as the head board. (see insert below)

Style and beauty is important to us but not as important as safety!  Our cribs have never been recalled and have details that we know are important to all parents.  We use a non toxic finish and use premium quality wood for all of our cribs.

Still have questions?  Contact your local Bellini store and their sales staff will be happy to help answer any questions you have or assist you in designing your dream nursery.

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Bellini is an international juvenile furniture company in business for almost 30 years. Visit us at www.bellini.com for more information.
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