We are thrilled to feature Annette Tatum again on the Bellini Buzz.  She is launching a new furniture line in late Spring 2012, and adding new products to her nursery collection, there is a lot to buzz about.   We wanted to know the inspiration behind it all, of course.  So, when we had a bit of time with Annette this is what her thoughts are on designing the nursery.

“I think over the years nursery design is not just for the baby anymore. Most new moms are incorporating more and more of their own personal style into the baby’s room. As a result we are seeing more sophisticated colors and textures. Rooms that are a unique blend of current home decor trends simplified and tailored for baby. With this in mind I find myself as a designer also looking to bring in more adult themes to nursery design. Brocades, subtle color palettes, an eclectic mix of styles that I would like in my own home. The nursery is no longer a separate room in the house. Instead it is an extension of our creativity and reflection of our personality.”

1. How do you keep your bedding collections fresh, every season?

Each time I start a new collection I usually just group together what I like. Trends I have seen on the runway, color palettes that I love and other bits and pieces of inspiration that I have found over time. Sometimes it is really easy to create a new bedding combination. It can be effortless. Other times it seems like it takes forever to get the look and feel right. Usually the ideas that are classic with a new twist are the most successful. There is a recognizable reference to the past, and a new and exciting update through color or pattern, that when combined really clicks. To me every new collection has to have this formula. A reference to something that is timeless and a trend setting element that represents what’s new in fashion or home decor. That to me is what makes an idea fresh and keeps it from looking dated.

2. What was the inspiration behind the simplified nursery?

I think that I felt the trend for fewer pattern needed attention. I love white bedding for myself and I thought that it was needed in the nursery. Print is easier on the eye and feels more grounded to me when it is accented with a solid white or a complimentary color. The Simplified Nursery collection offers both. The classic, clean look of white bedding along with the accent solid that gives it just a pop of “fun” for the nursery. Combining the print in the crib sheet as an accent allows for a multitude of combinations and styles. You can mix and match various prints to create a whole series of different looks for the nursery. I love the flexibility of being able to add or subtract pattern.

3. We know you have been busy on a new furniture line, what kind of pieces will the collection have?

Our new collection of furniture will have gliders and ottomans for the nursery and also a whole new collection for the home. I tried to incorporate designs and shapes that I have found over time and continue to love. Small accent sofas, unique occasional chairs with different detailing and dimensions, ottomans with personality and dining chairs that are fun and fashion forward. I also created two new fabric groups as compliments to solids for the collection. This should result in a really different type of look for furniture.

4. We love your bohemian line, will you continue to design lines around that theme?

The idea for now is to cycle through the different styles that I talk about in my book, The Well-Dressed Home. From bohemian to couture to modern… I would like to offer it all in my collections. Just like fashion we can mix and match styles into our lifestyle. I am all about the eclectic mix that allows for more than one look.

My theory is to incorporate where I go, what I see, who I surround myself with and other aspects in my lifestyle into my designs. Bringing that all into the home is what makes life more interesting.

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  1. Jen says:

    Mmmm…I love Annette Tatum’s line, especially their custom baby bedding. Great colors and style! http://sweetbabystylishmom.com

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