We have always loved the style and passion that Cheryl Stoner puts into her artwork. Each piece is unique with positive meanings, like her “be You tiful” piece.  When she created our “Mercedes” plaque we knew her artwork was something different.

We are so excited to have Cheryl’s “Fly” piece on our Fabulous Finds, a perfect addition to any room.

Check out her entire collection on her Etsy shop, follow her on her facebook page, and get inspired from her Pinterest boards.  Stay tuned for another fabulous Monday Night Giveaway hosted by Serendipity Hill Studio, visit our facebook page for details.

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One Response to Serendipity Hill Studio-Art you will Love

  1. Sherri Blum says:

    So glad to see Serendipity Hill featured here! I’ve been a HUGE fan for a long time and love all of Cheryl’s positive messages and stunning works of art!

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