At Bellini, we think nothing is more important than the safety of your baby or child.  We thrive on designing and producing on the safest cribs and beds.  Not one of our Bellini cribs have been recalled and they are all JPMA certified.  To help spread the word about safety we wanted share some tips to keep your child safe.

1. Crib Safety-Like all Bellini cribs, make sure they have stationary side rails and are JPMA certified.  Having a JPMA Certification Seal  tells you that product has been sample tested to the highest category specific standards established by ASTM, through annual independent laboratory testing. Independent standards organizations, like ASTM and the safety standards developed in cooperation with industry experts result in some of the best hazard-based standards that ensure today’s parents may be comfortably secure in the safe use and selection of their juvenile products.

2. Swaddle correctly- Babies as well as new parents love a well swaddled newborn.  Mastering that just right swaddle can some times be challenging, our friends at babble posted a “how to” swaddle video.  A perfect way to learn for those busy new parents.

3. Get educated!  We found some helpful reads to help answer some questions you might have about what newborn essentials are safe and what are not.  Review JPMA website for this great read.

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