Lounging on my brand new imitation tempur-pedic memory foam mattress, deep in an internet “hunt for red october”  for a narrow bedside table, I went to www.apartmenttherapy.com as I often do.  Somehow through the randomness of searching around I stumbled upon the artist I’m excited to introduce you to.  Kate Endle.

Kate Endle, artist, holding one of her collages.

Kate spoke to me from her art studio in Seattle where she lives with her Rock Star of a husband, (whom I will save for a future post, but here’s a hint… a song I blared this many a time from the removable faceplate car stereo of my white 1989 VW jetta,  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VvcohzJvviQ )

Kate Endle's art studio in Seattle, seems so cool and cozy, just like her collages!

Kate’s voice is warm, calm, and upbeat.  As a child Kate was always encouraged to pursue her love of art and design, she earned a BFA.  Kate paints, illustrates, designs,  RUG HOOKS  (she’s my hero),  and has authored 2 board books, and has a line of greeting cards, and ipop magnets!  Work it out Kate!  Her work has made it into everything from the National Wildlife Foundation, Macy’s even to Sesame Street!

One of Kate Endle's board books, and my favorite color!

I love these super strong magnets from IPOP! They are very attractive in several ways!

Kate’s work is both modern and endearing- which is a hard line to walk.  Often, I find that people confuse the meaning of modern design to also mean cold.  Kate’s manages to make adorable compositions of animals, and nature motifs, and at the same time her lines are clean, crisp and well composed.  I even love how she sneaks in graphic patterns, check the Lion’s mane below.

this "Sleepy Lion" is so cute! I love his mane's graphic pattern!

Kate had a giant collection of gorgeous art papers from all around the world, these she cuts, snips, shapes, and decoupages onto stretched canvas.

A rich colorful gradient of paper Kate uses to collage.

A very good example of work that is modern and attractive. Someone please help this turtle, and then give him a hug from me.

Her pieces are very affordable, originals ranging from sixty dollars and up!  Amazing!

This original piece is $375, Kate says she is happy to do custom pieces to work the artwork with your design palate.

This print of her collage "Dandies in a Field" is only $25!

Owls are a HUGE design trend right now! I love the graphic stipe in the wing shape! Whoooo Knew Owls were so Cute n Chic?

Check out http://www.kateendle.com/ for more information and to see whats up in her perfectly pieced together world.

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