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We can’t get enough of super cozy baby blankets and we recently discovered My Blankee. From clothes and bathrobes to security and stroller blankets.  We love that their collections are filled with so many patterns and colorways to choose from. We were touched by the story behind My Blankee so we wanted to find out more.  We had the chance to ask the founder Serge Soussan some questions:

1. You created your collection in 2002, what inspired you to start designing baby and children’s blankets?

My son Luca was born on September 23rd in 2002. Shortly after his birth, Luca was diagnosed with a severe case of the skin condition Eczema, in addition to be diagnosed with Asthma. At the time I was working in the fashion industry as a designer, and the only baby blankets I could find were made out of polar fleece. I wanted a product that was softer for him, so I looked into microfibers. It was my son who inspired me to develop a collection of hypoallergenic fabrics.

The first blanket I made was the Dot Velour, and the Luxe blanket would later follow. I made these blankets for Luca and others who share this same painful condition. The moment of realization for the name hit after we gave Luca his first dot velour blanket, and he uttered his first words: “my blankee.”

2. What inspires your designs today?

Fashion, music and life – they all change

3. Out of all of your collections, what is your bestselling collection?

The Dot Velour

4. Name 3 words that best describe My Blankee?

Celebrities Choice Blankets

5. Do you have any future plans you would like to share, maybe new collections or new products?

Yes, thank you for asking, My Blankee apparel collection is coming soon.

We are thrilled that My Blankee wants (2) lucky Bellini fans to win stroller blankets, stay tuned on our Facebook page for details later today.


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