At Bellini we love Oopsy Daisy,their stretched canvas art compliments any Bellini room.  From personalized art to your child’s favorite sport they create it in a fun and colorful way. Other than art, Oopsy daisy creates fun lighting, growth charts, and peel and stick wall art.  We had the chance to chat with Karen Capp and her husband Tom who founded Oopsy Daisy back in 1999.  We were very excited to hear all of their exciting news, and what makes Oopsy Daisy so unique.

1.What inspired you to create adorable wall art  and start your own business?

With the arrival of our first child we searched far and wide for the perfect wall art to hang in our son’s room. We quickly discovered that what we were looking for did not exist. We wanted something that was colorful, interactive and engaging at a quality level that we would be proud to have in our home. I took a leap of faith and left my job as news reporter to work on Oopsy daisy and raise our new baby, while Tom kept his job as a video producer pouring each paycheck into the new company. He helped me after work and on weekends. A few months went by and we realized that if Oopsy daisy was going to be truly successful Tom would have to leave his job too! To make it even more interesting we decided to pack up and move to San Diego and establish Oopsy daisy in Southern California.

In San Diego we ran Oopsy daisy out of our garage, working side by side as the sales, marketing, production, shipping and IT department experiencing the many adventures of a quickly booming home business. Everything from chasing down FedEx trucks to make their last pick up, to staying up countless nights both brainstorming and worrying, to juggling calls with potential buyers while dogs were barking and babies were crying.

We are now really happy to be working outside of our home, but still together (with adjoining offices) with an amazing staff of more than forty.  A year ago we purchased our own building which will accommodate our planned growth!

2. When creating your designs today, what inspires you?

We are inspired to enrich lives through the art we provide. We are inspired by things we see while travelling and frankly, just in the everyday.  Art truly is everywhere and patterns and colors are something we are always noticing.  We are also inspired by our artists and by our loyal following of our customers.

3. Name three words that describe Oopsy Daisy’s sense of style?

·         Colorful

·         Educational

·         Emotional

4.Do you have any future plans you would like to share, maybe new design or any new products added to the Oopsy Daisy collection?

The big news is that we just launched our brand new line of art for teens and young adults called Wheatpaste Art Collective. This line embodies what is hot and happening in the world of up and coming artists, plus highlights artists who are already known names in the street art movement like Sket One and Methane Studios.  Designed  to fit a more urban youth culture, the WP line is still in keeping with art that parents too can embrace while meeting the personal expression needs of the teen. In the near future, WP will have line that will allow the customer to “tag” their wall with real street graffiti letters on a removable self-adhesive wall decals. We think the WP demographic will think this concept is  “totally boss” (a phrase we learned in our research for this line!) and we are fortunate to have a number of WP minded folks in our employ (yes, they are a bit younger than we are!)  By the way, Wheatpaste is named for the home-brewed “glue” street artists use to tag buildings.

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