We had the opportunity to talk with Michelle, who’s photography takes a different look on children’s dreams and views of the world.  We first fell in love with Michelle’s Alphabet soup photos, and then found a whole new world in her entire collection.

She does an amazing job capturing a child’s favorite object with adding her own twist. Her smart and inspiring words are great for playrooms and mudrooms, you must check out more of her work at mkc photography. Enjoy learning more about Michelle!

Where does most of your inspiration come from?

My inspiration comes from everywhere! I know that sounds silly, but I truly do travel around with a little notebook and pen in my pocket…sometimes I’ll be walking my boys to the bus stop and I’ll have a thought, and we’ll have to stop for a bit so I can jot it down. For many of my pieces, I write little bits of poetry and prose first, and then I build the image around it. Other times, I might have a dream, and I’ll wake up and still see the piece in my mind (and I’ll quickly write it down before I forget), such as I did with “Capture the Moon.” I also listen to a lot of indie music, and sometimes it’s the lyrics I hear while making PB&J sandwiches that bring an image into my head.

What is your favorite photograph from my collection and why?

“Ferris Wheel in Winter” is my absolute favorite. One, it was a hard-won image…I spent hours out in the frigid cold and ended up standing in freezing knee-deep water to capture this one. I didn’t mind, though: it was such a quiet day on the beach and I felt like it was just me, the sea gulls, and this big, beautiful wheel. It’s also not overly sweet, and not so “girly” that it couldn’t be lovely in a boy’s room as well. It’s not just for a child, either: this is something that would be just as much at home in their first apartment as it would over the rocking chair in the nursery.

What trends to you see in photography?

I see photography being recognized as a very complex medium rather than being referred to as “just a photograph.” There’s so much an artist does before and after the shutter clicks, to include creating photo collages, layering, digital painting, and a number of techniques that bring their inspirations to life, and it’s so nice to see this being appreciated. I also love that wedding and portrait photography is becoming an art form unto itself (one I’m terrible at, by the way! I like to say “I just photograph things that can’t run away,” like full moons and ferris wheels).

What future projects are you working on?

Well, I’m actually in the midst of a large project right now: my husband found an enormous old chalkboard salvaged from a construction site, and I’m using it as a background for a set of stylized photo collages, two of which are making their world premier on this blog! I was inspired by classic poems like “The Owl and the Pussycat” and my children’s current obsession with all things pirate, so many of them have something to do with boats and the sea. Cutting out the individual photographs is incredibly time consuming, but I love putting together all the little pieces to create something entirely new! As always, all my pieces come with the “Story Behind the Picture” which readers can find on my Friday blog because I think there’s something really special about sharing my inspiration with the people who have given me the great honor of having my work in their homes.

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  1. Colleen says:

    I LOVE MKC Photography. She created a one of a kind print for my youngest daughter that I will treasure forever. Thanks for featuring such an amazing artist!

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