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Oh how we love when our babies are all wrapped up in Margery Ellen.  Her styles are a layette “must have”or a perfect “take home” outfit.  Her collections are a combination of yummy fabrics and soft colors. Being a mom herself, she knows how important it is to have 100% cotton, machine washable, and of course adorable clothes for our newborns.   In other words, her collections are as soothing as a lullaby!  Enjoy reading our interview with Margery Ellen.

1.What inspired you to become a designer?

I was living in Beverly Hills, CA and working in the film business.  I had always wanted to learn how to knit so a friend took me to a shop in BH during lunch and they taught me.  After that I started knitting and crocheting my friends baby blankets for their newborns.  I was a Hollywood Publicist and knew I’d never own my own studio and then good friend said you should start a baby blanket business.

In 1996 I came home to NY for a week and spent a day with my Dad meeting with a bunch of Knitting manufacturers until we found one that would make me small quantities of blankets to start.  I was selling Blankets and Pillows for years when a manufacturer came to me at a trade show and offered to make sweaters for me. A few months later he brought me a Cardigan sample and from that I grew the line to include KNITS, LIGHT WEIGHT KNITS, PIMA WITH CHENILLE TRIM, PIMA EMBROIDERY and PRINTED PIMA.  After working in Hollywood for so many years I knew how to get gifts to the young Hollywood moms and continued building my brand through trade shows and selling to Department stores nationwide.  In 2000 I got married and moved back east to NY.  Margery Ellen has been on the covers of magazines and on the babies of Tori Spelling, Nicole Richie and in the Sex in the City 2 movie on Charlotte’s baby.  We have also spotted our wares on commercials, General Hospital, The Kardashians, Real Housewives of NJ and more.

I had always loved clothing and shopping.  Designing came naturally to me since I was always imagining how I would change items I found in stores to look more like garments I would want my children to wear one day!!!

2.  Where do get most of your inspiration from on creating your collections?

I enjoy shopping the stores for ideas and spend a lot of time in house related stores looking at trends and colors and then I translate it into clothing.  I love colors and having a father who was a painting contractor I grew up with a paint chart in my hand so mixing and putting colors together always came easy to me.

3. What is your favorite Margery Ellen collection and why?

My PIMA EMBROIDERY collection, which is comprised, of typical layette items like FOOTIES, ROMPERS, GOWN CONVERTERS, 2 PIECE SETS, BLANKETS AND HATS is one of my most favorite.  I change the embroideries each season and since they are embroideries we really get to have fun with them.  Recently we created a LITTLE DIVA embroidery that has a lipstick, agenda and pocketbooks!!!  I can’t forget to mention, the words LITTLE DIVA are placed across the tush!!!!

4. You are a mom of twins, what advice do you have for new mommies on dressing your kids?

When my husband and I found out we were having twin girls my first reaction was that I would NEVER dress them the same!!!!  Well that went by the wayside quickly…..they were SO CUTE dressed the same and because they are not identical I saw no problem in it.  (I think I’d still love it even if I were confusing everyone)! I definitely would be spending 1/2 the amount if I was only buying one of everything but they seem to like dressing the same (even if they are 7 now!!!) I also laugh when mommies tell me they have such a hard time getting their kids dressed every morning and when I see what some of their friends wear to school I immediately know they dressed themselves.  My girls are difficult to get to bed but when it comes to dressing them they do not give me a hard time.  I guess when you have been told since birth that you are the best dressed kids they had no choice but to trust me!!!!!

5. Do you have any future plans you would like to share, maybe new designs or any new products added to Margery Ellen collection?

We just recently launched in FAO SCHWARZ and are expanding to Europe this summer.  We are very excited where the line has taken us and look forward to continued growth. We especially love to be stopped all over town and told by moms that they either brought their babies home from the hospital, wore our clothes at their Bris or that they search out our new items the second they hit the stores!!!!

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