1.What inspired you to become a designer and start your own business?
Well, I had a collection of vintage fabrics…so, being inspired by my grandma’s 1950’s vintage couch (covered in vinyl!!) I sewed up a simple tote made of vintage fabric covered in vinyl and just started carrying it around.  I couldn’t believe how much I was stopped by women wanting to know where I had bought it.  So I would offer to make them one for $25 and that’s really how it started!  As I learned about handbag making, my designs started getting more and more complicated and I started working in leather as well as fabric.  I then took the vintage fabric/vinyl idea and started making diaper bags.  At the time, there were no other diaper bag companies around doing what I was doing so that was really exciting…being the innovator of a product (the fashionable diaper bag) that didn’t exist in the market place yet.

2.We know Timi and Leslie bags are a celeb favorite.  What celeb moms are your clients?
Jessica Alba, Victoria Beckham, Alyssa Milano, Vanessa Williams, Brittney Spears, Courtney Cox to name a few

3. How has becoming a new mom inspired your designs?
Well it definitely inspired me.  I suddenly had a completely new perspective.  I made the wristlet even more functional by adding interior pockets and making it look more like a clutch because I didn’t want to carry both a handbag and a diaper bag.  I added a few more interior pockets and I added the cross body strap so I could always be hands free when I needed to be. Oh, and I added the little mesh pocket to the outside of the changing pad.  I was in the airplane with Lily and needed to change her diaper but didn’t want to bring my entire diaper bag into that tiny airplane bathroom so I was juggling holding her, the changing pad, the diaper, wipes, cream and trying not to fall over.  So now in  that little pocket you can get all your supplies and it’s so easy to carry!

4. Name three words that describe Timi & Leslie’s sense of style
Effortless, sophisticated and fun

4. Do you have any future plans you would like to share, maybe new design or any new products added to Timi and Leslie collection?
We have a LOT of things we are working on but can’t reveal them yet…..but stay tuned because soon you will start seeing them roll out!

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