We are beyond excited to share with you our interview we had with Kristen Chase from CoolMompicks.com We were able to ask her about her favorite products for moms and kids.  We even asked her how she balances her busy day from helping us moms to parenting her daughters Quinlan, Margot and Bridget, and her son, Drew.  So we hope you enjoy finding out a little more about Kristen as much as we did.

1. Are there any new products you think every nursery should have?

Gliders have come a long way even since I had my first child, now almost 7. Considering I spent many a night rocking her to sleep (and yes, even sleeping in it myself), I think it’s a piece worth investing in — whether you want a statement piece or something more subtle. Either way, find something that’s comfortable; you’ll be spending a lot of time in it.

2. What products do you think new parents should avoid?

At coolmompicks.com, we see a lot of cool, handy products that definitely help make a new parent’s life easier.  But there’s always a few gimmicky type of products that come come through that make us raise our eyebrows because they’ve got such a limited use- like a wipes warmer or a sleep positioner.  We say spend your money on better quality essentials and avoid products that you can easily live without.

3. As a mom, how do you find a balance between work and raising your 3 children?

It only took me having a few kids to figure out that balance is fluid rather than something you strive for.  I tell moms to trust their gut and act on instinct not quilt.  If you feel as though you’re not getting enough done or not spending enough time with your kids because your motherly instinct is telling you (and not the motherly guilt, let’s face it, can be a pretty unfair jury), then take a step back and make a few adjustments.  We often forget that kids are super resilient, and they need a happy mom.  Not a tired, worn out one who’s trying to do it all.

4. What essentials would you tell a new mommy they must have?

1. Awesome swaddlers: Love aden + anais muslin

2. A sling: Rockin Baby Pouch is my hands down fave

3. Breastfeeding-Nursing tanks: I like the ones from Glamourmom.com

5.  What three kids related products you can’t live without?

1. I am not sure what we did before the squeezy fruit and veggie pouches. Mashups, Plum Organics, & Ella’s Kitchen (just to name a few) make baby food and kid snacks that are tasty, healthy and perfect for babies and even bigger kids in their lunches.

2. When we go out on the town, four kids can be tough to keep up with.  So, instead of pushing a double stroller everywhere, I use a couple of Tagalongs. They give me a couple of much needed extra hands.

3. With the new AAP recommendations for booster seats, our kids are going to be in there for a long time!  We decided to invest in ones that were a little cooler and a little more comfortable, like the ones from Clek.

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