Kids Ouch Pouches!

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Here comes summer and time to pack up the kids and get out and enjoy the season! This means more activity and with that more bumps,bruises,sun burn,bug bites etc…. I found these first aid travel organizer bags in a shop on etsy called Pillowsewcute which you can fill with anything you might need for those little first aid situations. They are adorable and handy and there are many styles to choose from. Now you have your child’s first aid supplies all in one place organizing your purse – diaper bag – car etc …. and have the comfort of “mommy’s touch” right at your fingertips. You can walk out the door and feel as if you are better prepared for your adventures in the great outdoors!

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Deborah Acquino is the owner of LotAspots, a company that sells children’s personalized accessories. Visit to see the latest designs. She has 3 children and resides outside of Charleston, S.C. with her husband Chris and 2 dogs, Simon and Skippy.
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