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What is a BFFL Bag?  It’s the bag that thinks for you as your getting ready for your delivery day.  BFFL stands for Best Friends For Life.  It was created by Dr. and mom Elizabeth Chabner Thompson, she worked as a  Radiation Oncologist while raising her four children.  The experience of working with women and their hospital stays or surgeries, inspired her to create a bag that made hospital stays a bit easier. Kind of like having your best friend pack for you.  The mommy/delivery bag comes packed with their specially designed axillapilla® pillow for recovery and nursing support; a collapsible water bottle; perineal ice packs; soft, washable nursing pads; wound/incision care pack, toiletries, amusements, KIND healthy snack bars, and much more.

What we love more, 15% of the net profit from all the bags purchased will be donated to the Harvard School of Public Health Women’s and Health Initiative.

We were excited to have the chance to ask Elizabeth a few questions.

1. We love that you created a bag that makes delivery day easier, what inspired you create such a bag for moms-to-be?

As a doctor, and a mother of four, I know that every delivery is different and fraught with “unknowns” – mothers don’t know how long they’ll be in the hospital, whether they’ll have a natural or Cesarean delivery, how long labor will be. So I tried to help the mom-to-be prepare for what might come! I love to create and design product, so the whole development process was really fun.

2. What 3 words best describe BFFL?

Comfort, caring, and dignity — these are tenents in every product we develop.

3. What items do you think are essential to have in your delivery day bag? Our signature item is the axilla pilla, which is in every BFFLBag, but for different reasons. For new mothers, the axillapilla can be used as a pillow for lower back pain and bottom pain The axillapilla is also a great bracing pillow for those who have had a Cesarean section, and it can be used as a nursing pillow or for a quick nap– all mothers are tired! The perineal ice pack was designed to relieve swelling and discomfort “down there” but is also great for soothing engorged breasts or irritated incisions. The flip flops are important for that first shower in the hospital and easy to slip on. We include nursing pads as well. The Mommy/Delivery BFFL Bag has enough room for the going home outfits for mom and baby, cell phone, charger, camera, and other personal items.

4. Do you have any future plans you would like to share, maybe new style bags or any new products added to the line?

We are always working on new products and new variations. We are in talks with some top designers to collaborate on limited edition tote bags, and are expanding our line of comfort bras, compression garments, and accessories.

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