We are very excited to share Stephanie Corfee with you. She is an artist that has a huge passion for art, fashion and her children.  We love her artist ability, it’s so whimsical and colorful you almost wonder if she draws while she is dreaming.  Her work and ideas work well for any room but we love the ones that are perfect for the nurseries!  We also love how her pieces grow with our kids.  We were able to chat with her and hope you enjoy getting to know her and her work a little better.

1. What everyday things inspire you when creating your pieces?
I get inspired by patterned fabric and rugs, especially things with a world flavor.  I love exotic colors and really wacky color combinations.  Composition in lovely photographs also inspires me.  Since a lot of what I do is geared toward children and kids at heart, it’s fair to say my children inspire me.  If my 5 year old thinks something is interesting, I take a mental note.  Other than that, I’d say that I tend to create things I want in my own home, so interior design magazines and shopping trips inspire me as well.
2. What 3 words best describe your work?
Colorful,intricate and joyful
3.Tell is more about your book “Fashion Design Workshop” and are their more books in your future?
Fashion Design Workshop is an instructional book for budding fashion designers.  It has tips on drawling techniques & materials. model poses, step-by-step instructions on drawling a whole bunch of fashions and more.  It was a tone of fun to create and I am getting lovely feedback from my customers of all ages.  I am also contributing illustrations to yet another fun book due out Spring 2012.
4. Do you have any future plans you would like to share, maybe new pieces or any new products added to your collection?
I am in the works of creating blank notecards, where each card features one of my prints. they will be great for any occasion and they artwork can be framed once the card is read.  I think that makes for a perfect tabletop art piece.
I also have a new book coming out December 2011 through Walter Foster Publishing called Creative Doodling and Beyond.  It has a lot of exercises, prompts and instruction on successful doodling.  There are also going to be fun projects on “how to” turn your doodles into beautiful and useful objects.
I am very excited to share that 6 of my most popular artworks are now available through Oopsy daisy, which is very exciting for me!


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