We are always on the hunt for the softest baby blanket, so when we discovered Rajer Rabbit 100% muslin cotton blankets we couldn’t keep it to ourselves. We are not sure what we love most, that they are printed with a handmade design, the bright colors used, or that all of the design are inspired by India’s beautiful, ornate culture.

Divya, mom of Rajer and founder of Rajer Rabbit, believes baby blankets should be vibrantly colorful, bold, playful… yet soothingly simple. She says her collection of blankets  are light, durable, and can be used in countless ways. Blankets are so much more than a perfect swaddle, they should be used to cuddle, snuggle, build a tent and play hide-and-seek!   Her playful personality is seen through her colorful designs.  Stay tuned to our facebook page and have a chance to win your very own Rajer Rabbit blanket.



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