One of the gifts we all cherish is our child’s baby book, it has their special moments and milestones.  Rag & Bone albums have been handmade since 1991, they are beautiful, simple, and colorful.  What we love the most, they are created solely by hand: the fabrics and papers are trimmed by hand, the boards (covers) are glued and wrapped by skilled bookbinders.

Jason Thompson and Ilira Steinman are the creative minds behind these beautiful books, as they like to say it “we make beautiful books, you make them special”.  View their entire collection, from wedding to baby albums.  The simple & colorful patterns  add a fabulous touch to any bookcase or side table.

Stay tuned to our facebook page, Rag & Bone host our Monday Night Giveaway starting at 5:00pm EST. Want more?  Our friends at Rag & Bone are offering our Bellini readers 15% off your order today through Oct. 7th.  Hop over to their site and use code BELLINI15!

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