We all have our favorite blanket lines and there are so many great ones to choose from, but we found one that is different.  The Muny blanket and quilts are super adorable, soft and use only the best fabrics.  They consist of three layers of the finest cotton, of which the middle layer is printed and becomes visible through the outer layers. Because the outer layers remain unprinted, the fabric remains exceptionally soft.

The blankets are designed in Brooklyn, NY and manufactured in Jaipur, Rajasthan a north-western state in India. They are made in 100% cotton, using a traditional technique of hand-block printing which dates back many centuries.

Even better then the fabrics they use is how the name came about, ‘Muny’ pronounced moo-nee is MU for Mumbai and NY for New York, a brand born out of convergence of these two parallel worlds.  We were able to chat with  Samara Mahendru and find out a little bit more about her inspirations.

1. What inspired you to create baby blankets and children’s clothes?

I grew up using these ultra soft cotton quilts with natural cotton batting and the coolest hand block printed clothes. People always admired the hand printed textiles I brought back from India. While shopping for my baby, I realised there was little to none available in alternative products that were stylish and affordable. I admire the art of hand block printing and knew that it could be a versatile medium of expression with endless possibilities. And hence I decided to begin with a small collection.

2. Describe MUNY in 3 words?

Earthy, Artisanal and Comfy.

I use these words to describe muny’s style, our crafted fabrics, super soft products and relaxed silhouettes.

3. How do you come up with your designs? We love the chevron mixed with a skateboarding Owl.

I have an education in architecture and graphic design and have lived and worked in India as well as in new york city. I am influenced by both cultures and hence you will see a mix of traditional and modern/ eastern and western sensibilities in our products. I have a weakness for geometric patterns hence the zigzags and spirals on our textiles.

Every urban kid today, is on fast wheels- a skateboard or a scooter. And so who can resist an owl on a skateboard :))

4. Do you have any future projects you would like to share, maybe new designs or a new line?

You will see more bauhaus and modern influences in our future fabrics- a lot more geometric patterns- triangles, diamonds, dots and stripes. Yes and a lot more animals…

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