Introducing Elli & Nooli

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We are thrilled to find Elli & Nooli, a mom founded and run company.   We fell in love with their Padi Blanket, a “never fall off” stroller blanket, which we think is genius!   What we love most about the Padi blanket, that it fits snug in your carrier with a soft stroller pad (fitting any stroller or car seat with it’s strap holes), making it a “never fall”off  blanket. The Padi Blanket is an all- weather blanket solution with three layers of coverage option.   With its 3 wings of blanket that wraps around baby, it is sure to keep your baby cozy and warm all the time.   All the products made at Elli & Nooli are created with families in mind, we love that!

Visit Elli & Nooli and view their entire colllection.  Visit our Facebook page and make sure your a fan, Elli & Noon will be hosting our Monday Night Giveaway.

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