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Finding the right essential product for your newborn can be overwhelming.  Of course you need your a stroller and a diaper bag, but what about the other essentials? As a new parent it’s hard to find out what products will make your day easier or just hectic with more “stuff” to have.  We have found a play mat by Baby J Co.that should be part of your essential gear list.  This play mat allows you to place your newborn down with out worrying about swaddle blankets getting all tangled or heavier stroller blankets getting all dirty.  After use, it rolls back into it’s self and has a Velcro closure. No matter where you put it, the side for baby to play on always stays clean and never touches the floor. Designed and created by new mom herself, Jen Jacobellis.

When Jen made the first one, her son Luca was 3 months old.  She would lay him down on the mat and it allowed him to squirm around.  He would start to roll from one side to the other without going off the mat. When he started tummy time, the mat was clean and she didn’t have to worry about him on a dirty surface. It is her “must have” gear for all of her mommy and me classes.

We are thrilled to offer our Bellini fans a chance to win their very own on play mat on our Monday Night Giveaway today.  Stay tuned and check out our facebook page for details. To get the party started Baby J Co is offering free shipping on all her order, use code Bellini2013.

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