As parents, we are always looking for the ultimate best for our babies.  We want products that are safe, effective, and no added “stuff”.  So, when we came across Butt Naked Baby skin care line we were thrilled.

What does Butt Naked Baby stand for? BNB certified organics and BNK naturals are free from toxic chemicals, pesticide residues, parabens, phthalates, sulphates, PEG’s, artificial colorings, synthetic fragrances, common allergens and harsh preservatives. Their line is made up of baby diaper balms, baby lotions, kid shampoo, and bubble baths.

What we love most, they give back with “diapering for a cause”.  Every time one of these clay based pastes are sold, proceeds go to different children’s charities.  Stay tuned on our facebook page as Butt Naked Baby is hosting our Monday Night Giveaway!


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