Sometimes we take for granted the work that goes into making a store, a home or even an event look a certain way.  However, coming off makeover week, I am reminded to be a bit more appreciative. Several times a year we redo the floor of our stores to bring in fresh merchandise, spice things up, makeover our windows and create the look of the season.  While the finished product is usually spectacular the work involved is, well lets just say intense.  I put together this short video montage and some pictures  for you to see the before piece of things.  The finished product will follow this week.  We would love you to stop by in person, have a refreshing Bellini and browse the latest looks, but if you live to far enjoy the browsing from afar. I’m going to get a manicure because god knows after the week I had…I need it!

Bedding, Bedding and More Bedding!

There was no room to walk in my back room.

Or in the front of the store…

Stay tuned for the finished product…

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