Expecting moms spend many many hours trolling the Internet for nursery decorating ideas and inspirations.  When I was pregnant it was for sure a favorite past time and it never got old or boring.  Sites like Project Nursery or Ohdeedoh are great online resources for nursery pictures.

Here are some Bellini shots from Ohdeedoh and Project Nursery.

But if you are looking for a fabulous gift for the expecting mommy in your life look no further than Susanna Salk’s Room For Children.

This book is filled with inspirational shots of nurseries, kids rooms and playspaces in every type of house, space and style imaginable.  It is the perfect way to keep expecting moms (and decorating dads too) excited and inspired about creating a space for their unborn child. Plus it’s a great resource to have when upgrading to a toddler room!

Here’s a shot of a Bellini crib (Vanessa) that was featured in the book (page 34). The room design was done by a talented decorator on the West Coast Leslie L. Hunt.

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