One of the great mysteries to me is the wide spread fascination and seemingly sense of importance to blazon a child’s name up on the wall in his or her room….Im really not so sure why this is such a common design element in a baby’s room….but it is.

Could it be because you might forget your babies name?

Is it to help them learn their name?

Is it a simple way of labeling?  (i think this reason would only fly for  Nadya Suleman, those Gosselins or them wacky Duggars)

Maybe this practice is an attempt to instill a sense of narcissism at the onset?  Hmmm….Whatever it is….Im not a big fan.  However- Im also not a grinch, and like to give the people what they like….so here’s my gift- ways to do it that are less tacky.  (Mind you I said “less” tacky), as anytime someone name is on their own wall, FACT: it is tacky.  I guess for me, it is sort of like having a giant portrait of yourself above your mantel or couch… and unless you are Miss Piggy, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Cher, or Joan Collins- that look don’t work honey.  So go ahead, and put your name on it Mama’s…but do it with style, class, and sass.

Hip Kid Art makes some tasteful name worthy options. Simple graphics, nice color pallates, and very reasonably priced! Starting at $75

Carter Kustera located in NYC makes awesome sihlouttes, this simple classic graphic combined with the hand done quality of the written name is both cheeky, chic, and cool.

These letters have a very "diy" vibe- yet- the best part- you can buy them at Anthropologie. ( I love something that looks DIY, that you dont have to actually DIY.)

These Wall letters look like slices of a birch tree, each one is hand carved, and painted in NYC. Available in Pink or Blue. Each piece varies in shape, just like a real tree wood.

This is a BARGAIN! $59 for this personalized embroidered name art. Owls are super cute, and I love the way the name is integrated with the art- vs just being slapped ON the art somewhere.

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