Sending our little ones away from home for the night or a few hours you want them to feel secure and cozy with a nap blanket.  Whether its a day at preschool, a weekend at grandma’s house, a sleepover with friends, travel and adventure with the family, or just a little down-time at home, your little ones will love their Napbag. OC Daisy makes it so easy for them to unwrap and carry their own nap blankets with the Nap Bag. We love all of the designs they have avilable and that they can be personalized.  A perfect gift for big brother/sister or birthday. Stayed tuned for OC Daisy to be featured in our Monday Night Giveaway later today.










We had the chance to catch up with founders Lisa & Karen and found out what inspired them to create such a fun product.

1.What or who inspired you to start designing Nap bags?

My partner, Lisa, designed a napbag for a girlfriend’s daughter. She used it for several years and when I saw what a great idea it was I convinced her to go into business together and “OC Daisy” was born. She designed our first 3 samples: the frog, the baseball, and the princess napbag; from there the business grew. We had 16 designs last year and sold out of 5 so we created 5 new styles. For any parent who has a child between the ages of 2 – 8 years old, they know what a great idea the “Napbag by OC Daisy” is.

2. What 3 words best describes OC Daisy?

Fashionable, innovative & user friendly

3. What makes OC Daisy different then all the other Nap bags/blankets out their on the market?

Our napbag has an attached pillow, sleeping bag, and attached carrying case. “Your child will never lose their pillow or carrying case again!” SUPER soft, double sided minky that is machine wash/dry.

4. Any exciting information you would like share, maybe a new product or designs in the near future?

We just received our 5 NEW patterned napbag last Thursday and they’re wonderful! Log onto our website to see them up close.


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