At Bellini we know how to do beautiful!  We also know the key essentials every nursery should have.  These our top 5 essentials that need to be on your list.

Bellini NYC_34small

1. Crib: The crib needs to be safe and pass all current safety standards. As far as style, choose a crib that fits your needs the best.  All of Bellini’s cribs convert to a junior bed or toddler bed and many of them convert to a full size bed.  Know which style your prefer and which will fit in your space.

2. Changing table: Bellini’s slide top is unique in size and style.  It folds up when not in use and has the perfect amount of space underneath to store extra diapers and creams.

cottage armoire-1small3. Storage: You can never have enough storage in your nursery and luckily there are so many ways you can find extra storage.  If your nursery allows the space think of adding an armoire or bookcase.  Having an exposed bookcase with fun baskets is a great way to store toys or extra blankets.  Our armoires have glass doors which is a great way to show off pretty colored blankets or clothes.  Some cribs have storage drawers which is another great hidden gem for extra sheets, play mats or blankets.

IMG_2953small4. Glider/Rocker:  Comfort, Comfort, Comfort!  You’re going to spend a lot of time in your glider or rocker so make sure it’s comfortable.  When picking out a rocker or glider ask yourself, do you want an ottoman? Do you want the rocker and ottoman to glide or be stationary?

emma glider-15. Lighting: A softly lit chandelier and or lamp.  The ceiling lite should have a dim switch option set the mood for bedtime. A lamp on a night table or accent table next to your glider is perfect for midnight feedings.


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