As mom’s at Bellini we are ALWAYS looking for the latest and greatest swaddle blanket that promises to keep our babies sleeping for hours.  Have you tried Zen Swaddle yet?  If you haven’t you must.  The Zen Swaddle™ is the only swaddle to mimic your touch. Its lightly weighted parts apply gentle pressure on your baby’s sides and center to provide the comfort and security of being held. Touch or simulated touch is medically proven to calm babies by triggering a self soothing response thus improving their ability to regulate stress.

What we really love is the Nested Bean has more diagrams on their website to help the newest of parents swaddle perfectly.  They also understand the newest of parents, each member of the Nested Bean team has experienced the joys and the challenges, the milestones and the tears that come with raising small children. We’re also familiar with the sleepless nights. We’ve spent countless hours walking and rocking our exhausted, fitful infants. In fact, the journey toward developing our first product, the Zen Swaddle™, began two years ago when my husband and I welcomed our second son.  We had to find out more and had a chance to chat with founder Manasi.

1.What or who inspired you to create Zen Swaddle?

It was my second son who inspired me to come up with the concept for the Zen SwaddleTM. He would not sleep without being held and would awaken within minutes of being put down. As a second time mom, I couldn’t understand the reason behind this behavior since my first son slept very well. I did a little research and learned that babies’ sleep cycles differ significantly from adults’. Babies have a much longer light sleep state before entering deep sleep, which means the slightest disturbance may waken them. More so I learned my son preferred to be held because my touch helped calm him and regulate stress by stabilizing his heart rate, lowering blood pressure and cortisol levels. Putting two and two together, I made the prototype for the Zen SwaddleTM. With it, my son slept much easily and stayed asleep longer. By simulating my touch, I’d provided him the benefits of being in my arms. As it turns out, simulated touch like this has been used for more than a decade in NICUs to calm touch deprived pre-term babies. It may also be linked to boosting their immune system, since statistically these babies also leave for their homes earlier than those who may not have received such treatment. As you can imagine, many moms were willing to test out my concept, and what we found is the Zen SwaddleTM also helped their babies calm and sleep easier than before.

Armed with this knowledge, I worked with a team of baby product engineers, designers, market experts, safety experts, child-care providers and researchers. And this is how I developed the world’s first weighted swaddle. It is as beautiful as it is functional. We decided to call it, quite appropriately, the Zen SwaddleTM.

2. What 3 words that best describes Zen Swaddle?

Effective, Safe, Lifesaver

3. What makes Zen Swaddle different then all the other swaddle blankets out their on the market?

It is the world’s first weighed swaddle. This is significant because it makes babies feel like they’re being held in our arms by applying gentle pressure to the parts of their bodies where they are used to feeling our touch. The Loving Embrace pair rests on either side to mimic our arms when we cradle our babies. The Peaceful Touch rests on their center to mimic the reassuring palm we instinctively place on their chests. Babies feel so secure that they calm easily and sleep better.

4. Any exciting news you would like share, maybe a new product or designs in the near future?

We are introducing 3 new prints this winter, which I am very excited about. You’ll note that they’re not the typical baby prints. Rather, they offer a modern interpretation of things found around us that will be pleasing to you and complementary to your little one. The Zen SwaddleTM and the new prints represent our tagline “Mom in Mind. Kids At Heart”. We live by it. It is in our DNA.


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