Hi!  My name is Lynette Damir and I am a registered nurse, a mom of two young children, a designer and the CEO of SwaddleDesigns®. I know… a nurse/designer is an unusual combination! I have always enjoyed helping people and I love design. My medical background and my design education and experience, give me unique perspective and insight when designing products for babies and new parents. I strive to design with baby’s best interest in mind and with your style at heart.
So you’ve started shopping for baby and you’re wondering what items you are really going to use everyday. When it comes to clothing baby, in the beginning, baby will simply need lots of diapers, little t-shirts or bodysuits and blankets to swaddle (wrap) them in …and you will need many of each.
Soft cotton fabric is considered an ideal fiber next to baby’s delicate skin because it is natural, breathable and non-irritating. Plus, it washes and dries easily and is affordable.
Look for t-shirts or bodysuits that can easily slip over baby’s head or open in the front kimono style. I recommend thin lightweight swaddling blankets that are multipurpose and have many uses beyond swaddling, such as a playmat for tummy time or a privacy throw if you choose to breastfeed. You will end up using them for many years, so purchase good quality, well-made blankets. Large, square blankets make swaddling easier and blankets by SwaddleDesigns® have swaddling instructions sewn right to the edge, so you will have a reminder of how-to-swaddle at your finger tips! Swaddling helps calm and comfort babies, and helps them to sleep better and longer, so knowing how to swaddle effectively is technique you will want learn.
Everyday essentials such as blankets and bodysuits are must-have items. During the summer months or in warmer climates you will want to choose items that are made from very lightweight cotton. Our Marquisette Swaddling Blanket® is an airy open weave fabric that is lightweight and appropriate for warmer weather. Marquisette is similar to gauze, but is very soft due to finer threads and higher thread count.
If you use central air conditioning or heat, you should know that most medical experts recommend a sleep environment of 65-70 degrees F. Room temperature is important for creating a safe sleep environment for baby. For the recommended temperature range of 65 -70 degrees F, you may want a slightly warmer swaddling blanket such as our Ultimate Receiving Blanket®. SwaddleDesigns Ultimate Receiving Blanket is made from lightweight premium preshrunk cotton flannel. Cotton flannel is the number one choice used in hospitals all across the USA to swaddle babies because it is lightweight, breathable and durable – perfect for swaddling in moderate temperatures.
It’s an important responsibility of the caregiver to dress baby appropriately for sleep based on the temperature of their environment. Parents should not overdress or underdress their baby for sleep. As a general guide the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends dressing baby in no more than one layer more than an adult would use to be comfortable in the same environment.
Cool hands and feet are considered okay due to baby’s immature circulatory system, but tummy and chest should be warm and dry. A sweaty neck and back is a sign of overheating and a layer of baby’s clothing should be removed.
Babies are not good at regulating their own temperatures. No blanket can naturally regulate a baby’s temperature for them, so parents need to touch and feel their baby’s chest or abdomen to ensure baby is not too hot or too cold.
Every baby is different. Some babies run warmer or cooler than others, so touch and feel your baby to ensure you have dressed him or her appropriately.
For more information on the topic of temperature control please see http://www.eswaddle.com/temperature-control
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Lynette Damir is a registered nurse, a mom of two young children, a designer, and the founder and CEO of SwaddleDesigns. SwaddleDesigns is focused on stylish, innovative and quality baby products that help parents comfort and care for their baby. Lynette is an Inc Magazine featured entrepreneur from the 2009 Inc 500. She lives in Seattle, Wa. Please visit http://www.SwaddleDesigns.com
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