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Perhaps as child you had a favorite blankie or stuffed animal….Do you remember what your security object was?
Pediatricians recommend giving a child, 6 months and older, a security object. A security blankie or lovie can help a small child to self soothe and provide comfort.

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When choosing your baby’s lovie carefully pick an object about the size of a cloth diaper or washcloth. The lovie should be easily machine washed and dried…and replacable. Consider purchasing two or three and rotating them through the wash. An object that has smooth satin is particularly comforting to little fingers.

SwaddleDesigns® Baby Lovie®

To begin the the blankie-bonding process, the parent should wash and dry the lovie and then keep it close to the parent’s skin for several hours or even overnight. The lovie will absorb the parent’s scent and will help baby bond with the security object. Next, you can tuck it between you and your baby during feeding and snuggling so he or she begins to associate secure and nurturing feelings with you and the blankie. You can help build the association by gently guiding you baby’s fingers over the soft object so baby can touch and feel the comforting textures.
Many babies become attached to a favorite object, others will choose a thumb or pacifier, or will touch their hair or rub their nose or cheek to relax and self-soothe.
One famous little girl, Shiloh Jolie Pitt, is frequently photographed with her security blankie – Baby Lovie® by SwaddleDesigns®.

Shiloh in NYC with SwaddleDesigns® Bright Pink Baby Lovie®

A gentle reminder: The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends nothing be placed in the crib with baby.

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