One of the current runway trends inspiring me lately is the sharp, graphic black & white palette that is popping up everywhere. I am generally a lover of color. But all the color in the world can be tiresome for your eyes if there is no place for them to rest. So, as we anticipate the birth of our third little boy in about 7 weeks(!), bits of B&W decor have been finding their way into our design scheme for his room. Nothing like a black, white, grey backdrop for making a few choice pops of color come alive, and vice versa.

I took to Etsy to find cute ways to bring the trend into baby’s space. Here are some of my favorites. (shown above: Sheep Organic Baby Quilt with B&W Lambs by Sewn Natural)

1. Zeb & Zac Sock Zebras by Lost Socks Home  2. First Birthday Onesie by Stitch to My Lu 3. Willy Wonka Chalkboard Quote Art by Lily & Val  4. Owl & Horse Modern Pillow Covers by Classic By Nature 5. B&W Teepee Tent by Love Lime Kids 6. Bear & Bunny Rabbit on Couch Print by Mika Art

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About StephanieC

Stephanie Corfee is a freelance artist and designer living in Malvern, PA. She has a colorful, whimsical aesthetic and loves painting on large surfaces, and illustrating on tiny ones.
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