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Just when you thought there would never be a creative solution to your child’s artwork overload or ever growing collection of clothes, we found The Great Remember.   Brooklyn-based artist, Lisa Waltuch, the brainchild behind the concept, creates commemorative pieces of  original artwork using your child’s art projects or old clothing.

Here’s how it works.  You can choose between two  art forms: mosaic or applique.  If you choose applique all you need to do is collect some old pieces of clothing that hold some sentimental value to you (Lisa notes, not to be overwhelmed with the selection process as any items will do, large amounts or very small).  Once you place your order TGR will send you a prepaid bag for you to send them the items.  You choose from one of her pre designed templates (or you can customize).  From there she will create an original piece of artwork that will be sent directly to you.

If you choose mosaic you must collect some of your child’s most precious artwork (again don’t make yourself crazy with the selection process).  She will send a photographer to your home to shoot the pieces so they will not be ruined.  Once you select your design from her templates they will create a piece of artwork that can be framed or can come on a stretch canvas. (Timing on both varies somewhere between 3-8 weeks).

Both are original pieces of art that are not only beautiful but sentimental as well. Here’s one of my favorite designs in the Applique, The Silhouette.  Send Lisa a picture of your child and she will create a piece of art in his/her likeness using his/her clothes.

And my vote for most creative piece is her Phrases collection.  Lisa dug through her journal and found some of her favorite phrases that her son used as a child and she embroidered those on a piece of artwork using the Applique technique.

The Great Remember pieces work great for a unique and meaningful Mother’s Day or Holiday Gift.  Gift cards are available so parents can choose their own designs, clothing and art work pieces, collaborating with Lisa to make something beautiful and special to display in their home.  Prices vary (and are not cheap), however this is a one of kind keepsake that any parent or grandparent will cherish for a lifetime.  I know what my mother in law is getting next mother’s day :)

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