We were thrilled to have an oppurtunity to chat with Sherri Blum, the creative mind from Jack & Jill Interiors. Designing creative and beautiful spaces for babies and children is her passion.  She has had the opportunity to work with the following celebrities such as Lisa and Buddy Valastro, stars of TLC’s “The Cake Boss”, Tori Spelling, Jodie Sweetin, Mario Lopez, John O’Hurley, Angela Kinsey, Bart Scott, just to name a few.

1. What inspired you to become creative and start designing beautiful nurseries and children’s rooms?

I think I was born with a crayon in my hand! I can remember doodling in pads and coloring books with pencils, crayons and markers when I was a toddler. I also recall a fascination with my grandmother’s sewing room in her attic. It was such a mysterious and magical place to me as a very small girl and I was in awe watching her at her machine as she made my doll a new dress or mended a piece of clothing or worked on her quilt. I remember receiving a potter’s wheel one year for Christmas when I was about 10, and making everyone I knew a vase or trinket tray. Another holiday yielded a loom on which I could make rugs and hot pads. And most years, I found big new blank canvases and paints under the Christmas tree. I also come from a long line of artists, builders, architects, kitchen designers, landscape designers…you name it. So I’d say it was in my blood…inevitable that I’d choose to work in an artistic field.

It became evident to me that interior design was a perfect field for me when I realized that I have the ability to look at an empty space and create a “snapshot” of a beautifully finished room or image within my mind. I can see the room in my mind in clear, crisp detail and often tell my clients that I only wish I could print out the image so they could take a peek at what their room would look like when finished! I began my career designing any room of the house and quickly realized that each time I received a call to do a child’s room, I would get so excited that I couldn’t sleep at night! Designing a child’s room allows for so much more whimsy and of course more opportunity to take a brush to the wall… a great big canvas for me!

 2. We know you have designed many celebrities’ rooms, who was your favorite to work with?

I have to say it was working for The Cake Boss. Not only were Lisa and Buddy Valastro gracious clients, their kids were so adorable- always asking questions and peeking in on what we were doing. It was really fun spending a day filming for the Baby Special Episode. I never realized how many hours of footage and how many people it takes to create one hour of TV. It was a wonderful experience – truly one of the most enjoyable and memorable days of my career.

 3. What colors or themes do you like to work with best?

I love so many color combinations that it’s difficult to choose just one! I’m currently enjoying robin’s egg blue with deep raspberry and touches of yellow for girly rooms and I have always loved a classic navy blue and beige with pumpkin orange or red accents for a boy’s room. I’m also feeling drawn to dusty purple with gold and ivory added for warmth. Heck…I love the whole spectrum!

As for themes, I try to keep themes from being overused in my nurseries. The nursery should reflect the style of the rest of the home- the parents’ taste. After all, the baby doesn’t care about design. Babies only require a warm and safe space with some contrasting elements for visual stimulation. The parents however will be spending a lot of time in that nursery and should really love the space. It should be comfortable and make them smile every time they enter. The nursery should reflect family, love, and tradition. I like to keep the furniture and bedding (the more expensive elements of the room) from reflecting a true theme-just great, timeless design. Themes can easily be brought into the room in smaller doses through things like the wall art, chandelier, picture frames, clocks, and smaller accessories. This allows the room to reflect the taste of the parents, while adding whimsical and softer touches appropriate for a child’s room.

4. Is there a specific trend you like working with the best when designing your spaces?

I’m a traditional girl. I try not to get caught up in the “trend of the day” and really would rather focus on timeless design. For my own personal convictions, I do try to refurbish, recycle or reuse something in each room I design, and that trend has really caught on in recent years. Whether we use Grandma’s favorite rocker from the attic, spray paint an old dining room chandelier, or turn one of Grandpa’s favorite sweaters into a teddy bear…I believe we should each try to do something in each room to help preserve Mother Nature.

5.In your opinion, what does the future look like for designing nurseries and children’s rooms?

I think the future is GREAT! I was definitely a pioneer in the field of nursery design. Nearly fifteen years ago when I was working as my original company, Bare Walls Design Co. and told my friends that I was starting Jack and Jill Interiors and would only focus on kids’ rooms…they told me I was crazy. They said “why would you limit your work to only these few rooms when all the real money is in kitchens, baths, dining rooms?” I told them that this is what I love the most and that I would just expand my territory and make it work. And work it did! I designed a website and before you know it, pregnancy magazines were calling me for interviews and I was receiving great press because I was the only nursery designer at that time with a website! The internet was so young and my site was all that came up in a search on the topic. Today there are similar companies popping up all over the country- proof that it’s a growing field.

Having a baby is truly one of the most exciting times in a person’s life. This time is so full of anticipation and we’re bursting at the seams with love and excitement. We want to show the world how much we love this little miracle and what better way to reflect that love than in the nursery itself. Parents are willing to pay to ensure a safe and magical nursery for their little one. Yes, nursery design is definitely a growing field and its future is bright!

Sherri created this fun design board using Bellini’s Danny’s crib and many decor items from our favorite vendors.

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