Have you ever bought a greeting card or storybook, because the little illustrated character reminds you of your child? Have you ever wondered what your kiddo would look like transformed into a cartoon?

Drawing kids characters is one of my very favorite things to do. When I doodle, it is often little ones with cherubic smiling faces. It just makes me happy. So when a customer contacted me a few months back asking if I’d lend my simple illustrative style to her daughters’ faces for a project she was working on, of course I said, “Yes!” And since then, I’ve been doing the same for lots of sweet kiddos. The faces are drawn very simply in pencil on watercolor paper. I’m not going for a perfect likeness…..more a stylistic representation of each cutie as they might look if they were in a children’s picture book. I work very small (about 3×3″) and then scan, cleanup and email the digital files to moms and dads to use however they wish.

Ideas include little playdate calling cards when kids enter a new school year, personalized gift tags for the many birthday parties they’ll attend. Come holiday time, these would be adorable on ornaments, mugs and pendants printed at sites like zazzle or cafepress. The sky is the limit.

Try sketching your own little faces! It’s tons of fun and the makings of a precious memento.

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About StephanieC

Stephanie Corfee is a freelance artist and designer living in Malvern, PA. She has a colorful, whimsical aesthetic and loves painting on large surfaces, and illustrating on tiny ones. www.stephaniecorfee.com
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