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So what do you do when you have a simple dress or skirt?  Add fun tights or leggings by Luna Leggings! Designer of Luna Leggings, Jennie Hearing, is a California girl at heart, when she started Luna Leggings she was working as a Landscape Designer.  You will notice  so many of the hand-drawn designs are nature, outdoor, edible garden inspired- all things she loves to share with her daughters!  She has a passion to support  a local project  called Edible Schoolyard Project,  please visit that section of her website to find out more info. We had the chance to chat with her to find out how being a mommy inspires her and what exciting new line she is working on.

1. What inspired you to design fun and creative fashion for kid’s?

When my daughter, Sienna, was 3-years old she only wanted to wear tights. The search was on for cool, fun, eco-friendly, high-quality options and I realized our choices were really limited. Every morning, before her baby sister awoke, we would draw pictures of girls wearing all sorts of funky outfits and came up with, together, some inspiring ideas. I was working as a landscape designer at the time so nature, the outdoors, and edible gardens are a theme throughout the hand-drawn designs.

2. How do you balance your busy schedule with work, being mom and “me” time?

Initially, the business evolved so organically as it was driven by passion and pure fun, and so it seemed to flow with our family lifestyle. Late nights and nap times were my time to create, and it never slowed me down. My incredible husband and family’s support allowed for balance and energized me! Though now, over a year in, with business taking off and with a third child on the way, I’ve had to enlist more support. I now whole-heartedly rely on a few key people to manage critical business tasks that I’ve had to let go of. Luna Leggings is now a ‘team’ and we would not be in over 50 boutiques, international, and thriving without their incredible love and support!

 3. What 3 words describe Luna Leggings the best?

Carefree, creative, and fun- just like the Lunagirl in every young spirit!

 4. How do your girls inspire your designs today?

My girls are Luna Leggings biggest fans and best critics! Now 5-years old, Sienna has been dressing herself for years and has very specific taste (like most little girls!) and a keen eye for color and detail. I know immediately what she likes and will actually wear. And of course, many of the motifs- stars, hearts, flowers, butterflies, and edible gardens- are things my girls love. Sienna actually designed a pair of Luna Leggings in the Spring ’13 Collection that has been a top seller! And now her 2-year old sister is beginning to unveil her own little style, which I’m sure will help inspire future Luna Leggings Collections.

5. Is there any future projects or designs are you working on that you would like to share with Bellini readers?

We are excited to be expanding the LunaGirl line with a few key coordinating pieces, as well as add variety to our leg/footwear. We’ve also had many, many requests for adult sizes- so stay tuned!!


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