Fun and fabulous is what comes to mind when we came across LiliCouture products.  Like many of you this all came from a mom with a passion for business, style and love for her family. Tracy Chaix, an entrepreneur and an accomplished Interior Designer, credits her role as a mother to her three boys, Jonah, Brady and Logan, as well as the lifestyle of the California Coast, for being the driving force behind her designs. With constant attention to detail in our products, we are proud to being you a line of chic, stylish baby wipe containers & changing mats that are quickly proving to exceed the needs of moms and dad’s… everywhere. Want more about LiliCouture?  Keep reading to find out how this California entrepreneur mom  balances it all.

1. What inspired you to start LiliCouture?

As a mom myself, carrying a beautiful diaper bag just didn’t seem to be complete with out a fun functional and hip wipe case to go with it. I have a love for fabric and creating new things, that is just so me. I started making them for friends and family and one thing lead to another. LiliCouture debuted there first Collection the Spring of 2007.

2. What 3 words best describe LiliCouture?

Hip, Flirty and fun Baby wipe containers.

3. How do you Balance work, family and me time with your busy schedule?

Work is very important to me, really its my clients that are most important. I take a lot of pride in my products, if my clients are happy I am happy. Family is always first but LiliCouture takes a quick and close 2nd. Me time is every Tuesday morning on the tennis courts, am I allowed to say that?! We at LiliCouture are busy but we just do what we can in the order we do it in.

4. What advise do you have for other women out there trying to start their own business?

Never give up on your dream. As a mom we see things differently, things that could work better, more smoothly or just to darn cute to pass on the idea. Starting a business is a big and giant step but if you have to will to make it and keep going with it, you will do great.

5. Is there anything exciting you are working on now?

Oh but yes we are. We usually expand our Collection twice a year. This way it keeps up with the chic new designer styles.

We at LiliCouture are adding some new options. We have 3 new styles: The Nursery containers will have a fun new flare with coordinating fabrics on the container. We call them the 2-tones. Also, why not have a travel container personalized, monogram with an Initial to make the container more special for that mom and the latest option is called the pop-top. You don’t have to open the container, you can utilize the flip-top to get your wipes out now. This is for those one handed mom duties.

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