One of Bellini’s favorite diaper bag line, petunia pickle bottom! We know you are too and couldn’t wait to share their new cake collection: laser-cut leather.  How did this fabulous line of bags come about? It was Born out of a desire to bring style and sophistication to the world of modern parenting, Petunia Pickle Bottom was founded in 2000 by a trio of people who pay homage to the chic mommy who makes a statement without saying a word. Plucking the name from childhood (the head designer’s father coined the phrase when she was a little one) Petunia Pickle Bottom has become more than a silly sentimental name, it has become the brand to have.

Haute out of the oven: PPB’s new Cake Collection in laser-cut leather.

We had the chance to chat with the creative people at petunia pickle bottom about the new cake line, read how this collection was created.

“When Spring 2012 was but an upcoming season in a distant year, our designer was dreaming up something truly unique for the Cake by PPB collection. We were pleased to be adding the vibrant new colors of Plum Tart and Key Lime in our popular cut-velvet Cake fabrics, but were also seeking to elevate our own style and sophistication for long-time Cake aficionados. Experimenting with various textiles and techniques, the design team served up a striking selection of printed and laser-cut leathers that resulted in a perfectly polished look when paired with our scrumptious silhouettes. We’re pleased to now turn the tables on our traditional tart and present these complementary color combinations, textures and patterns created from ultra-luxe leather as the epitome of elegance for style-setters this Spring.”

View the entire collection of Cake in luxurious laser-cut leather

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