Go Tigers! Go Ducks!

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Nowadays the rage of support for your college or home team is at its peak. With the recent bowl games welcoming 2011, we see our babies and toddlers decked out in the colors and logos everywhere.

The BCS National Championship game is coming up on Monday, January 10 between the Auburn Tigers and the Oregon Ducks. I thought I would highlight some of the innovative team garb for the two championship schools plus a few other favorite teams around the nation.

Fashion statements for BCS 2011 youngest well dressed fans

From buntings to blankets, from toddler cheerleaders to little one-sies, we celebrate ferociously and wear our colors strong.

A New Sixers Supporter UCLA Bruin Babe in a Bunting

The UCLA baby bunting and the Colorado stadium blanket are made of fleece and available in a vast assortment of schools. Please contact me for more info. For the other fun logo-ed items log into your favorite team or college website and check out the baby and toddler items available.

Warm jammies, baseball cap, booties and a cozy stadium blanket.

You will want to keep your little ones proudly rooting for their favorite teams! And who
knows, maybe one day they will be the very ones we are all cheering for ……

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