Gliding into Parenthood is Essential

The glider stands alone as the parent’s most personal selection for the nursery.  It must fit you personally, be comforting as well as comfortable, and promise a soothing/calming time and place for baby and you.

Gliders have taken over the traditional rocking chair in the last three decades, providing an effortless swaying motion during those blessed quiet times.  Choosing the style and design of the glider requires some investigation to ensure high satisfaction and safety.

Gliders and ottomans are available in two basic constructions:  wood and upholstered.
Both have basically the same function, but achieve it in different ways.

Wooden Gliders and Ottomans are built with varying woods and stains to comply with your nursery décor – oak, cherry, pine, maple, and mahogany. The arms of these chairs are contoured for maximum comfort.   Pads are provided for the seat and back along with the armrests for added comfort.   Custom pad covers are offered by many bedding companies.  They are removable, match your bedding and can be easily cleaned.

Because curious, crawling babies will stick their fingers into any and every hole they can find wooden panels covering the open, moving parts need to be covered with a wood panel.  This is very important to prevent little fingers from being pinched or cut by the moving parts of the glider mechanism.    This also goes for protection of puppy and kitty paws and tail.  Check the sides of a wooden glider and ottoman for covered mechanism.

Covered Mechanism (Safe)

Upholstered Gliders and Ottomans are made of soft and sturdy fabrics designed to match your nursery.  Custom companies, such as Angel Song,   provide many prints, velvets, jacquards in many colors for your selection.  You are also welcome to provide your own.

These gliders are built for safety and comfort.  They have steel mechanisms that allow you to swivel 360 degrees.   Recliner styling are available that swivel and recline in varying positions along with a built in ottoman for space savers.

The upholstery gives you the lush comfort of sitting in an overstuffed chair with your feet propped up on a stationary or gliding ottoman.  The gliders have loose seat and back cushions that can be ordered in thick foam or down.  And the cushions have removable covers for ease of cleaning.

Look to your glider and ottoman purchase as an addition to your home.  When it is no longer necessary to have them in your nursery as your toddler grows, you can move the chair into your family room, living room, bedroom or den.  New pad covers can update the fabrication along with slip covers or re-upholstering the chair.

Here is one family’s cozy, loving corner!

Have fun with your choice and notice how holding that new little one will become so much lovelier, no matter what time of the day, night or early morning.

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Andrea Totten has been called a trend setter designer for furniture, upholstery and bedding for nursery and children’s rooms. Andrea loves to create upscale décor for all budgets by utilizing family heirlooms combined with the new, safe products of today’s market. She loves playing tennis and golf with her 8 year old grandson and resides in Pasadena, California.
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  1. Angela Shori says:

    What brand/model is the wooden covered glider and ottoman? My husband and I have been searching without much luck for one of these with comfortable cushions and a covered/safe mechanism.

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