Bellini loves when baby products are not only adorable and useful but earth friendly!  Gdiapers are all that and more.  Gdiapers was started in 2005 by Jason and Kim Graham-Nye from Australia, pregnant with their first baby. They found that conventional disposable diapers are the third largest contributors to landfills in the world.  With only five percent of the population useing them, it made them think of the alternative.  Gdiapers were born.


So how does it all work?  Easy, gDiapers is a diaper cover with a disposable, biodegradable inserts.  Did you know you can flush them, toss them, or even compost them!  Yes, what parent doesn’t love a baby item that is not only adorable but easy and earth friendly?

Their newest creation is the limited editions of  fair dinkum little gPants for boys which coordinates with the fair dinkum tee and the gBloom little gPants for girls which coordinates with the gBloom dress.  Worn together or separate, it’s adorable either way.

Sold yet?  Check them out and get informed, we know you will fall in love like we did.


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