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On April 20th, I gave birth to my 3rd (and probably last) baby. I am 38 years old and feeling like this is my last shot at all the newborn firsts. That said, I am feeling super sentimental about wanting to savor all these fleeting moments. SO! I’m appreciating my favorite baby blankets for snuggling, sweet as pie baby jammies, baby lotions and everything that goes along with caring for my tiny nugget. Here are some of my favorites, whether its your first or last time with a soft, squishy bundle of love.

1) Little Giraffe Luxe Baby Blanket - Seriously, do they make these for adults? When I snuggle Lang in one of these blankets, even I want to doze off! It is cool on the slippery, satiny side and heavenly fuzzy-soft on the furry side and absolutely THE perfect combination of lightweight, but still cozy. Get 20. No, seriously, you need more than one. Don’t settle in for a nursing session of snuggle without it.

2) Convertible Jammies by Kissy Kissy –  nothing like a freshly washed baby in pajamas! These convertible ones can be snapped up like a little sleep sack or pants. The sleep sack is so great for middle of the night changes without any fuss.

3) Ergo Baby Carrier – Keeping this little guy close is so nice. It calms him down as he settles into my breathing rhythm and hears my heartbeat. Plus, its more helpful now than ever to be hands-free as I chase after my other 2 boys. The waist/hip support band on this carrier makes it very comfortable for me even with my bad back. And the zip pouch for my cash and such right on the front is about the best thing in the world – so smart!

4) Hurley Baby Onesies and Knit Hats – the BEST fitting, most adorable little hats for sure. This brand is great quality and so sweet to me because its the brand daddy wears. Lang just looks like his dad’s mini-me when he wears this gear.

5) Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Wash and Lotion – Kissing a sweet-smelling baby head or toes is  the greatest joy. We got this starter kit as a gift and it smells so lovely.

6) iPhone (or any smart phone) – seriously, what would I do without my phone for capturing still photos and videos on the fly? Sent a sweet video of  my snoring!, sleeping babe to hubby when he was just a couple weeks old and it has become and instant classic! Plus, the reverse lens feature makes taking selfies while snuggling so much easier. Grammy gets regular updates and photos via text easier this way as well, A definite essential for me.

What items are on YOUR must-have list for new baby?

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  1. Amie Olson says:

    A baby carrier that fits comfortably for both parent and baby is a new baby must have for our family.
    Thank You!

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