Congratulations!!  The news is out, you’re having a baby, and the first question asked is “is it a boy or a girl?”  Today, finding out the sex of your baby is simple, and a decision which many expecting parents make.  I understand, knowing the sex of your baby makes the process of preparing for their arrival much easier.

Creating the perfect nursery for your little prince or princess can be an over whelming task whether you are planning for a girl or boy.  The first things to consider are the furniture pieces you will need. Thankfully, Bellini has some great collections to choose from.  A crib and changing table/dresser are must haves, as are a comfy glider and ottoman for late night feedings.  Now is when the fun, for some, and stress for others begins.

Should the furniture be white, natural, or espresso?  Should the bedding be pink, blue, or unisex? Should the nursery have a theme? All these are normal questions you will ask yourself.  The best way to approach a nursery is the same way you would any design project.

Find something you love…a fabric, a painting, a plush animal, even a color, this will give you a start point.  Now you are on your way to the nursery of your dreams.

As a designer I find that a common thread in all projects is color.  We are always drawn to our color comfort zone.  If you are having a girl, but love blue, so be it! Do a sweet girly room with shades of blue. If you are planning a nursery not knowing the sex of the baby you have many options.  Yellow, green, purple, red, even orange could be the start of a great nursery.

Stay tuned to Bellini Buzz for more design tips, storage solutions, and creative options to make your baby’s room the talk of the playground!!

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Chuck Soldano is the owner of Work In Progress, Inc., a Philadelphia-based interior design firm. Work In Progress specializes in residential interior design and construction management. Visit Work In Progress on the web at
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