Bye Bye Germs

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Every new mother has experienced the “germy” moment. That horror story where a complete stranger rubs, pats and touches your newborn in a grocery store, mall or other public venue.  In our state of sheer panic we can never find the right words to say…HANDS OFF!  That is until the creation of  Touchy Tags. These adorable tags hung with fashionable ribbon are just the perfect way to remind well meaning strangers they can look but shouldn’t touch.

Touchy Tags were created by Lauren Margulies, when her twins were born 2.5 months early.  She explains, “After a 6 week stay in the NICU, they were finally healthy and strong enough to go home. 6 weeks after scrubbing in every time I wanted to touch them, countless squirts of hand sanitizer and even wearing surgical gloves on occasion. I was terrified bringing them outside the hospital doors and having them exposed to germs everywhere. After watching their tiny 3lb bodies, attached to heart monitors, and oxygen tubes, learning how to breathe on their own, I wondered, how could I now protect them?” Hence the creation of Touchy Tags.

Touchy Tags attach to any car seat or stroller and make a great little gift ($7.99) for the germ crazed new parent. But beyond being clever and helpful to your child they are also charitable. Next year 5% off all their sales will go to Christopher’s Haven which provides housing for families whose children receive cancer treatments at Boston’s Massachusetts General Hospital.

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  1. Kristie says:

    LOVE this product!

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