All Babies, toddlers and kids are picky eaters in one way or another. As parents we are always trying to find new ways to make eating healthy fun.  We came across this new kind of cook book “Boddler Bites” that is interactive, fun, and easy.  Parents are given simple meal and snack ideas, while on the flip-side, Boddlers (older babies + younger toddlers) can learn their ABC’s and identify wholesome foods they will be eager to eat. Bring these flash cards to your supermarket to create a fun and educational shopping experience. We couldn’t believe how fun and easy it sounds.  See what Parenting magazine is saying about it. “We love these flash cards, and think they are absolutely genius and truly provide a service to parents.” ~ Parenting Magazine.  We wanted to chat with author Shannon M. Pappert, and find out how she came up with fantastic book.  ok, so  now that we have you interest go get your own!

1. What inspired you to write Boddler Bites and how did you come up with that name?

As a new mom myself, I naturally wanted the best nutrition for my child. After baby food, so many parents were relying on prepackaged foods to feed their young children. Parents are super cautious with nurturing their baby with breast milk, then the bottle, than baby food, but then they don’t know what to do.

This older baby + younger toddler stage, which I coined “Boddler” is the critical stage when 1-3 year olds are exploring all kinds of tastes and textures as their palates and preferences develop for a lifetime. This is also when many parents begin falling into the trap of unhealthy processed “kid-foods”.

I saw a huge need for quick and nutritious food ideas that busy parents could actually offer their children and completely avoid this “kid-food” abyss.

2. We love that it’s a different kind of cookbook, what do you want parents and children to get out of your book?

I want children to learn, identify and get excited about eating real foods. I want them to eat beets, sweet potatoes, quinoa and kale and make that their kid-food for their rapidly growing bodies.

I want parents to take ownership of their children’s nutrition and understand that introducing real foods at the earliest age is the best gift they can give. I also know parents are super busy and don’t have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen, so I wanted to empower them with yummy, simple recipe ideas that take seconds or minutes to prepare. I didn’t want them to use “I have no time” as an excuse to trump their children’s nutrition. Entire families can enjoy these foods, and become the role models for healthy eating.

3. What recipe is your favorite or your son’s favorite?

My son loves the Kale Chips, we literally have to section off the tray, so we all get equal amounts. Quinoa Balls, Roasted Broccoli and Steel Cut Oatmeal with loads of Blueberries are on the top as well.

4. How do you come up with recipes that you know babies and kids will love?

So many of the “recipes” are super basic with just 2-3 ingredients. Most children love lots of fruits and veggies they just have to be exposed to them at a young age. My son was a fantastic taste tester, but in my rough drafts of Boddler Bites, I also had teams of Boddler age testers that gave me honest feedback. The approved food ideas made it in the final draft.

5. Do you have any future plans you would like to share, maybe new products or more recipe books?

I do have an outline for a future recipe book; but right now I am concentrating on spreading the word of the importance of healthy eating from the earliest age. We love our children, they deserve the best start in life. Why wouldn’t we give it to them?






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