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As 2012 winds down and the cold weather sets in, I have found myself in warm, snuggly, candles-flickering by evening nesting mode. Baby #3 is on the way come April and this holiday feels extra special as we prepare to spend our last Christmas with just 4 stockings on the mantle.

We found out we’d be having another little boy a couple weeks ago, and my mind immediately went to the dread of choosing names. Yes, dread. I have SUCH a hard time with boy names! Girl names come to me easy as pie. But i struggled so much with naming my first 2 boys, that I felt certain I’d exhausted all the first-middle male combos on the planet with them. Every night for the past couple months, I’d fall asleep looking at endless baby name lists on my iPad. In the morning, I’d run the 3-4 possibles past my husband and older son. Agreeing was elusive.

But finally, as my oldest and I were making some Letter “initial” Christmas tree ornaments this past weekend, I decided we had to go with our gut. Baby 3 needed an initial for the tree! SO, we picked a name and immortalized it in cardboard, craft glue and yarn… can barely make it out on the far right of the photo….you know, in case I change my mind.

But somehow, making that yarn letter felt right.

Hearing my son refer to his brother, by name now, felt nice too.

So, to all you parents-to-be out there feeling the pressure to choose just the right name, I feel ya! Its a big decision! But maybe you just need some quality craft therapy? Worked for us!

Have a beautiful holiday! HO! HO! HO!

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Stephanie Corfee is a freelance artist and designer living in Malvern, PA. She has a colorful, whimsical aesthetic and loves painting on large surfaces, and illustrating on tiny ones.
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